Pots & Cowls

We also supply and fit a wide range of pots, cowls and bird guards as well as carrying out chimney repairs. There are some examples here, but if you have a specific requirement or would like to discuss, please contact us.

Brewer UFO

The Ultimate Flue Outlet when originally introduced in 1995, was the first gas chimney cowl in the UK to pass thevigorous requirements of BS7 15:1993(200mm). Its ever increasing market share is testimony to its extensive benefits, advantages and superior antidowndraught qualities over other cowls.

Colt Top

Colt tops use aerodynamic principles to create lift at the top of the chimney as air moves over it. The effect cures downdraught and shifts residual fumes, whichever way the wind is blowing. Rain drains help divert water outside the chimney pot.

Suitable for use with appliances fired by gas, oil and solid fuel.

Disused Cowling

Rain entry into dead chimneys is one of the main causes of structural decay to chimney stacks. Saturated by rain entry they never dry out in winter where there is no fire. The freeze/thaw cycle causes a steady degradation of the mortar and masonry at great ultimate expense. The Brewer chimney capper is a simple value-for-money answer that prevents rain, bird and debris entry while still allowing nominal ventilation, essential in dead chimneys. Instant simple fitting to chimneys 150mm - 250mm internal diameter is achieved using the stainless steel strap.


Brewer Bird Guard

The nuisance caused by birds, squirrels, leaves or other debris is now easily remedied by the fitting of a Brewer Birdguard. Models that have the rain cap as standard also offer a substantial reduction in rain entry.





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